Ride My Junk Album Cover
Atomic Shop
Ride My Junk

Release Date: Jan 1, 2011
Dsus4 Records
Catalog #: DSUS4-003

1. Ride My Junk
2. Green Lantern
3. Lake Shore Drive
4. Boy Band Beatdown (I'm Gonna Kick The Jonas Brothers' Ass)
5. I Wish My Girlfriend Was As Dirty As My Car
6. Asshole Cabbie
7. Grey Matter (Brains)
8. Kiss The Girl
9. I Accidentally Wrote A Country Song
10. Moonlight
11. Jaylene
12. Sleigh Full Of Heartache
13. Grey Matter 2 (More Brains)


Atomic Shop Album Cover
Atomic Shop
Atomic Shop

Release Date: June 21, 2008
Dsus4 Records
Catalog #: DSUS4-001

1. You're Dead To Me
2. The Girl I'll Never Know
3. Strange
4. Playgound Jerk
5. Gift With Purchase
6. Maggie Be Mine
7. I'm Not That Guy
8. Major Misconduct
9. CO, Bondo & Beer
10. Open Mic Song
11. Night Terrors
12. Unrequited
13. (Oh No)The Cubs Suck Again

May 19, 2012 show

Atomic Shop's 2nd Album "Ride My Junk"

Atomic Shop is the studio-only project of Chicago singer-songwriter John Kuczaj. Kuczaj is the writer of all the original Atomic Shop songs as well as lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player.

Atomic Shop is known for cross-genre melodic songs that are heavily lyric-oriented, are very catchy and contain more hooks than an Atlantic Ocean dragnet. Most songs use tongue-in-cheek humor or biting sarcasm to deliver salient points, while others deliver thought-provoking messages with a melancholy or serious tone.

"Ride My Junk" is the follow-up to the 2008 debut album "Atomic Shop".

Green Lantern



Boy Band Beatdown



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Silvie's Lounge
1902 w. Irving Park Rd, Chicago

- Saturday May 19, 2012
10pm / $5 cover / 21+ Only

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